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Related post: Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 12:37:39 -0700 (PDT) From: chirs s Subject: Reiny Summer (Young Friends) Chaper 3This story is of course completely fiction, whatever disclaimer you choose applies. If sexually related stories is illegal where you are, or offends you, go away. I also retain all rights to this story.Reiny Summer By C. MilesChapter 3 I had to squint and pull the covers over my face the next morning when the bright sunlight beaming though my window attacked my eyes, and told me I was stuck alone in my drab bedroom. I tried to withdraw back into the dreamworld I had been in most of the night, that I was sharing a dormitory cubical with Ron, Harry and Peter in Gryffidor House, and Peter was cuddled next to me in my bed. Harsh reality sunk in when I woke up enough to realize the soft warm form snuggled against my side was my spare pillow, not the cute little redhead I thought it was. I cursed myself again as I risked a peek from under my blankets and realized I had forgotten to close my blinds last night, then cursed the world as my eyes focused and what looked like another tower teen topless porn at Hogwarts turned into the rooftop of Peter's house. "Oh well," I groaned, and struggled out of bed. I stumbled over to the window, then felt my already somber mood sink toward depression as I looked out at the house across the street; there was no signs of life, and I began to wonder if it was still vacant, and if the beautiful boy named Peter was part of the million part dream I had last night. 'Well, three more months, no just two and a half, and I can get out of you some maybe.' I told my car bumper sticking out of my mouth. 'Hey, getting teased at school is better than staring at the walls and listening to my mom bitch!' I decided. I started to turn back and find some shorts to wear today when another reflection caught my eye. My heart raced when I realized the reflection was off of the back bumper of Mrs Coreday's, van parked deep in their driveway. When I turned around and saw Peter's autographed picture leaning against my computer monitor my heart sprang up into my throat and started beating so fast I found it hard to breath. "Wow, you weren't a dream!" my now throbbing boyhood told my vocal cords to say. I grabbed a pair of cargo shorts and started to climb into them as I rushed into the hall and toward the stairs, but my bladder made me stop, and I rushed to the bathroom. 'Yeah!' I thought as I flushed the toilet and turned around. Instead of going downstairs I ripped my headgear off and tossed it in the sink. Before I realized it I had turned the shower on and stripped out of my briefs. I was about to step into the shower when another idea struck. I ravaged through the bathroom's cabinet for several seconds, and unable to find what I needed I rushed down the hall to my mother's bedroom, I didn't realize I was naked as the day I was born until I entered her bathroom and my boyhood twitched and bounced off my stomach. 'I photos teen porn guess that's it!' I decided after reading and sniffing several bottles of chemicals in her teen black porn pics shower. 'Conditioner' on the label, and an additional sniff told me it smelled and looked like what I wanted the creamy, smelly stuff she insisted on rubbing into my wet hair every time she forced me to dress up and go to fancy places with her. After carefully scrubbing my body, and dumping Mom's stuff on my hair, I spent a couple of extra minutes brushing my teeth and making sure I had combed my hair just right before her stuff set it, and went back to my room. I started to climb into the cargo shorts I had chosen, but hesitated, then dug through my stash of shorts until I found an old pair of cutoff jeans that I had quit wearing because I had almostbout outgrown them. I hopped into a pair of briefs and tried twisting my hips into the cutoffs. A few tries told me they weren't going to fit, until still another idea struck. Once I had shed my underwear, it took a little squirming, but I managed to squeeze into the cutoffs, and after a little effort even managed to button the fly. After selecting a fishnet sleeveless shirt from my closet, I hesitated for an instant and grabbed the thickest leather belt owned. My stomach stirred a little as I forced it through the belt loops of my cutoffs, and I remembered the feel of Peter's harness straps. I took a few seconds to rub the fingers of one hand the belt, the other across my crotch before I dashed into the hall. 'No point in pissing Mom off, especially today!' I told myself, and returned the bathroom for my headgear. After one of my best dirty looks failed to melt it I groaned and strapped myself in. Mom was nowhere to be found, the lower floor of our house was much quieter than usual. A quick check of her home-office raised my hopes. 'Maybe she's gone somewhere!' I thought as I rushed to the front windows. 'Wow, I can let me out of my bridle, maybe even risk going to see if Peter is home, and awake!' My cautious side told me to make sure her car was gone, and my stomach strongly suggested a quick stop at the refrigerator on the way. I had just finished pouring a glass of chocolate milk and was stretching to get a straw out of the cabinet when I heard voices ring through the back door. My heart sank an instant later when I recognized one of the voices as my mother's, but recovered somewhat when I realized the other voice had an accent. I had to fight not to yell 'Yea!' out loud as I looked out the screen door and saw Mrs Coreday, her son and my mother sitting at our picnic table. Peter and his mother were sitting on the same side of the table facing the door, my mother was on the other side with her back to me. Peter's wonderful smile and bright eyes almost melted my knees as I stepped onto the patio and he saw me. I staggered slightly as I tried to walk over to the table, but the magic spell he was casting with his spotlight bright emerald boy gay teen porn eyes seemed to draw me toward them. "Good morning sleep-bones!" Mom bubbled over her shoulder. I gave her a shy grin and almost made it around the table to sit down next to my new friend when she patted on the picnic bench next to her. 'Blood bitch!' I silently groaned before I realized I had, but sat down next to her. I was a little surprised, and somewhat relieved that the thick straps encasing Peter's lathe chest were missing, but without thinking reached down and ran my fingers over my belt; the memory of how his teen latinas ameture porn harness straps felt as I stroked them yesterday seemed to warm my stomach somehow, but I was glad he was free. Mom's german teen sex comment from yesterday, that his mother would chill, and the suggestion I might not have to worry about getting strapped into one of those things seemed to outweigh the how much I enjoyed exploring his straps and holding his leash. "Don't you want some breakfast?" non nude young teens Mom interrupted my thoughts. "Why don't you go get a bowl of cereal and eat it out here with us! Peter, would you like some?" "Thank you Ma'am, but I have eaten." His beautiful voice blonde porn teen gallery and accent, along with his bright red lips stirred my stomach, but not from the thought of breakfast. I teen anime porn movies gave him a warm smile and enjoyed another look before starting back into the kitchen. "Be sure to get some fruit, there's fresh Strawberries and Bananas in the frig." Mom called after me. I acknowledged her suggestion and was almost to the door when Peter's divine voice stopped me. "May I have a Banana, please?" yong teen porn 'You can have the whole stalk!' I thought. If there was a world speed record for preparing a bowl of cereal, I either tied or broke it. After dumping a load of flakes into the first bowl I could find I splashed some milk in and grabbed a couple of Bananas and three or four Strawberries out of the refrigerator. I glanced around for a knife to slice them, but instead pealed one of the Bananas and broke it up with my fingers and dropped the Strawberries into the bowl and was back out the door. I started to wolf down my cereal hoping totaly free teen porn Peter and I could escape our mothers when I had finished it. After a few bites his mother's stare made me slow down, and I found myself carefully spooning my breakfast with the manners I usually only employed when Mom took me out to eat. Peter distracted me an instant later when he began carefully eating his Banana. He carefully, almost daintily slid it into his mouth, but something about the way he sealed his splendid lips around it with each bite had an allure I couldn't understand. "Have you checked your e-mail?" Peter asked as he finished and sat the empty peal on the table. His mischievous little grin somehow made me wonder why he asked, what he was up to. "Today?" he grinned. "No." I answered. A second later it hit me he might be trying to find a way to get away from his mother, or to be alone with me. "You want to go check it with me?" I offered. His face brightened and he free teen pussy porn glanced toward his mother but she cut him off before he could say anything. "Thank you for offering Clayton, but I'm sure Peter is comfortable here with me." His face melted as his shoulders slumped. He paused, then looked back up at his mom, put his hand up as if to block my seeing it and whispered something to her. Her brow tightened for an instant before she smiled down at her son. Her lips stiffened as if in thought for a long second, then relaxed into an even wider smile. "Will you promise to do everything Clayton asks of you?" she asked. "I promise Mummy!" he exclaimed in his best sweet little boy voice. "Clayton, will you promise not to become separated from Peter, and lead him to your bedroom, and nowhere else?" she asked me, her face deadly serious again. "Yes Ma'am." I replied, trying to keep my voice calm. "I promise I will Ma'am!" I added asian teen nudes before I realized I had. "Very well you may, but don't dally, we must portorico teen porn go home shortly. Miss O'Riley and I both have work to do." made Peter's face brighten like a big searchlight, and my heart skip a beat. I was completely unprepared for what happened next. She raised her left hand above the table, and slipped a nylon loop handle off her wrist and handed it to her son. He flashed her a wide smile as ugly teen photos porn he accepted it and bolted off the bench. It wasn't until he rushed lezbo teen porn around the picnic table that I realized that the handle was one end of a short strap, with the other teen titans porn pics end of the strap fastened tightly around my new friend's wrist. My mother didn't help my efforts to keep from freaking out when Peter stopped next to me and offered the handle out softcore teen porn to me and she let out a soft snicker. But his beautiful, begging face rescued me. I'm not sure if slipping the handle onto my wrist or my first look at what he was wearing today lit that same strange fire in my groin I had felt several times yesterday. The feel of my boyhood rubbing across the rough denim of my cutoffs brought the fire to a full kindle as his clothes somehow shot a hunger pain through my stomach. I was a little disappointed he wasn't wearing his leather shorts again, but not very much. His baby blue shorts, although they had a zipper fly and button waist were clearly made of some kind of stretch material, conforming to his lithe hips like a second skin, and wonderfully showing off his golden thighs. His sleeveless tee-shirt matched the color of his shorts perfectly and fit tightly over his thin chest and shoulders. It ended just above the waistband of his shorts, showing just a hint of his tight stomach each time he moved or even breathed. When I noticed his knee socks and cute little sandals I had to lick my lips and facebow to keep from drooling. I hopped up from the table and took a step toward the house, but black teen porn thumbnails when he didn't move to follow me I stopped. 'Oh well.' I groaned. "May I be korean teen porn clips excused? May we be excused? Ma'am's?" teen slut videos I managed to get out. Mom's muffled snicker was enough for me, or all I could take, and I started inside ignoring how Peter's wrist leash pulled tight between us. "C-Clay-Clayton!" Mom half chuckled. I died teen lebian porn as many times as the shades of red my face turned when I turned around and saw her covering her mouth with one hand and pointing at my empty cereal bowl with the other. I recovered, at least partially, by the time we started upstairs, but the subtle tugs of Peter's wrist leash swinging between us kept the strange fire in my pink world teen porn lower body alive. As we reached the top of the stairs somehow our fingers intertwined, and the feel of his outer thigh rubbing against my hand, and his shoulder rubbing against mine made my boyhood stiffen so quickly I wondered if my jeans had rubbed a rash on it as it fought against its tight constraints. "You know, your nude young teen porn Mom said you got to do everything I teen porn picture galleries say." I muttered before I realized I had. "Anything! I will, I will!" he whispered. His soft, wonderful voice and accent made my tool throb so hard I thought it was going to force its way between the buttons of my fly and show its what I was sure was its red hot head. "But you must check your mail first!" caught me completely off balance. I started to protest, but let him lead me to my computer desk, and didn't resist when guided me into my chair, then helped him as he squirmed into my lap. Without realizing it I wrapped both of my arms around his chest and pulled it against mine, but I had to gasp to keep from hyperventilating when latino teen sex he wiggled against me pushing his tight little butt against my bulging crotch. Somehow, a minute or so later and on automatic I guess, I tucked one hand under his tee- shirt and managed to open my e-mail program with the other. 'Well, at least this wont take too long!' I told my groin as I scanned my messages. A couple had been teen home made porn blocked as unreadable by Mom's Net Nanny, and a couple more that I was sure were spam from their addresses. I was about to delete them when he put his hand over mine on the mouse and let out a soft squeal. "There, that one!" he hooted as he guided my fingers to one of the notes and pushed my finger down to click on it. 'Yeah, okay whatever.' I groaned as I read the address, My eyes bugged, then seemed to pop out of my head and bounced off the monitor as the message opened. At first I thought I had lost it, but then decided it was a joke as I read, 'Hello Clay from Hogwarts! Peter told us about you, that you are his new Yank friend. Peter said he hasn't found his magic wand after his sexy ebony teen porn move but he thinks you can help him find it. Gryffidor House, and all of Hogwarts hope you can. Write back soon, and let us know if you did. Rubert (Ron)' I thought I had died and gone to Heaven when I opened the attachment, a picture phat ebony teen porn of Ron and his redheaded twin brothers in their uniforms and capes, signed 'Hi Clay! Ron, Fred and George. "Wow." I managed to gasp about a minute later. "Wow! I really got a letter from Ron Weasley? And a picture? And his brothers? And he wants me to write him? At Hogwarts, write to a wizard AT Hogwarts?" Peter's silly little giggle and wiggle against my groin blasted me into utopia as I tried to focus on their picture. "Clayton Francis! We have spare chairs, don't make your friend sit naturalist nudes teens on your lap and share yours!" Mom's voice rang from the hall, snapping me back to a really harsh side of reality and making both of us jump. "This is my son's bedroom Susan, too bad he hasn't learned to make his bed." made me sink in the chair, hoping I could somehow become invisible. "Look Miss O'Riley! Clay got a letter message from Hogwarts!" Peter proclaimed. "Uh, oh yeah, and a picture too! It's of Ron, and his brothers!" I managed, hoping to follow his lead and take the heat off of myself. Mom seemed somewhat impressed, but from her face she clearly didn't realize the import of such an earth shattering event, what it would mean when I took it to school next year. She glanced at the monitor for a second, then walked over, pulled the bedclothes up toward my pillow and sat on my bed. "I was showing Mrs Coreday the house, but I, we lesbian teen videos wanted to talk to you for a moment before they go home." she began. 'Oh great what now.' I groaned. The knot in my stomach all but extinguished that strange warm feeling I had a few seconds ago when she looked over at Peter's mother as if looking for support. His mother's comment, "Peter is home schooled." made him stiffen in my lap. I guess she saw his reaction, and added, "But, since we are in America now, we are going to adjust to the school holiday schedule here, and we wont resume full time lessons until the other children return to school." I could feel the tension drain out of his lathe body as he let out an audible sigh. But, that didn't last long, for either of us. "I would like you to read for a couple of hours each day though." she said. "And I thought you would enjoy joining him." my mom injected, with a very large bore needle. 'Read? Read what!' I thought. 'Sorry old lady, but the only thing I'm reading until school starts is e-mail, and web stuff! No way!' I silently told her. "And, it will be good for you." made my heart sink as I realized she had made up her mind. I tried to think of a way to refuse without getting killed, even if I had to endure bodily injury. There was no way she was going to stick me with this during summer vacation. I had almost built up the nerve to refuse, or at least try to, when my new friend drove another nail into my coffin. "Yea! That would be totally brill!" he hooted. "Thank you Mummy!" made me want to reach up and strangle him. "Well, but..." I began "Jolly good! May handjob free teen I expect you at 10:00?" his mother cut me off, and more ordered than asked. "We must be going home, but we will be looking forward to your teen skirt porn visit." she said, as she reached down to my wrist. "But, Mummy!" he cried. "I- I must help Clay reply to Rupert! And, Daniel and James and Oliver!" "Peter, we have not lived here long enough for you to go out on your own." his mother countered. From her face I was glad I wasn't him when she got him alone. I couldn't believe it when he squirmed further into my lap in front of our parents. "But, Mummy, you used to let Roger take me places!" he exclaimed. I'm not sure who's face showed more shock, her's or mine that he was actually standing up to his dominant mother. "Peter, Roger was older than you!" she snarled. "I'm thirteen!" I proclaimed before I realized it. 'Oh God, now she's gonna kill both of us, then Mom's gonna kill me all over again.' I groaned as I felt indonesian teen porn both of the ladies eyes drill through my skull. "Clayton, will you promise to keep Peter with you until you arrive at my house? He's a long way from home, and mustn't become lost." she growled. "And Peter, will you do everything Clayton tells you, everything?" she added before I could respond. "I promise Mummy!" Peter bubbled in the sweetest voice I had ever heard. "I promise Mum... Ma'am." I chimed in. 'Did I really almost say that?' I gasp. "Very well." she groaned. She walked over to us and inspected my end of her son's wrist leash, then Peter's. My eyes bugged when I saw the key hold in the buckle holding it on his wrist but managed a polite smile. "I will expect you promptly at 10:00. Clayton, please look both ways before crossing the road." she added as she started toward the door. 'Both ways? It's a dead end street stupid, look at the fence for cars?' I thought, but managed a polite Yes Ma'am. Mom's tight face and pencil grin was the last thing I expected as she stepped into the hall, but I managed to acknowledge her command to make my bed. I was still staring at my bedroom door trying to believe everything that had just happened really did when Peter squirmed, then twisted sideways in my lap. My boyhood was the first to recover when I felt his melon shaped butt cheek push into it, then his chest push against mine. "Thank you Clay!" he whined. He threw his arms around my neck and started to pull us into a tight hug until his wrist leash began tightening around our necks. I didn't resist as it pulled my hand up toward his back, and I when I cupped his shoulder blades in my hand it slackened off, but its gentle pull rekindled the fire in my stomach and groin. "Clay!" my mother's voice echoed from the hall almost scaring me to death. "I'm going to call an important client, please keep the noise down and don't disturb me for a few minutes." Somehow I managed a Yes Ma'am before Peter's beautiful eyes completely captured me. As he pulled us into an even tighter hug, somehow formed his lips around my facebow and pushed his teen porn us tongue into my mouth I didn't realize I had cupped his other butt cheek in my hand until I lifted it and felt my crotch burst into open flame as he pressed against me. "We must make your bed." he whispered a minute or so later. "Screw the bed, later." I gasp, and hugged him even tighter. "No, we must!" he answered in his wonderfully soft voice, with what I thought was a little extra accent. 'No, not now!' I groaned as he climbed out of my lap, but was too mesmerized to argue as he led me by his leash to my bed. I didn't resist when he pulled the covers back, crawled in and pulled me to lay down next to him. I was still trying to figure out what he was doing when he released the top button of my cutoffs, but gasp a breath in when my tool burst the other buttons open and it sprang out of my shorts, bouncing off my stomach a couple of times before it stood up like a flagpole. I tried to protest that we could get caught she teen porn video as he wrapped his fingers around my boyhood and began stroking it, but my lungs wouldn't cooperate. All I could do was arch my neck and moan as my hips began humping up and down on the mattress. That strange fire in my lower body flared up like someone had thrown gasoline on it, then seemed to concentrate itself in my groin. As Peter began stroking my shaft faster I began to wonder if his hands was pumping the fan for some kind of blast furnace inside me. "Oh, I-I'm gonna... I'm gonna explode." I managed to grunt. His only reaction was a soft giggle as he began stroking still faster. 'Oh God, I'm gonna die!' I thought as my hips picked up the rhythm of his hands, like they were trying to pump the fan harder. Suddenly the flame seemed to condense into a fireball between dull world teen porn my legs, building up more and more pressure for what seemed like several eternities. I knew I was a goner when I felt part of the huge fireball break away and flash through my boyhood. An instant later it felt like he had turned my tool into a nude teen websites Roman Candle several more fireballs shot out the end of it. "Oh God, oh God it hurts, it hurts so good!" I groaned. I tried to raise my head to see what was going on, but after a couple of tries gave up and closed my eyes. "Wicked, you shot a little!" Peter hooted. After a couple more tries I managed to raise my head to see what he was talking about. At first I thought I had pissed myself, until he scraped some of the clear liquid off the head of my shaft and noticed it was much thicker than urine. "Yum, you taste good!" he exclaimed as he licked his fingers. "What, first time teen porn what did you do? How'd you learn that?" I gasp. "I wanked you!" he giggled. "Want me to do it again?" "Wow, did you learn that at Hogwarts? ... Is it a wizard thing? Magic?" I managed another teen first anal porn breath. "It's too bad normal boys don't know how to do that!" earned me another of his soft giggles and a kiss on the neck. He laid down next to me and snuggled his lathe body against my side. "You've really never have..." he started to say. He propped himself up on one elbow, looked down at me and gave another little giggle as his face changed into one of his mischievous grins. "Well, I thing we are permitted to teach Muggels how to!" My boyhood sprang back to attention when grabbed it and whispered, "We must write Rupert and tell him I found my magic wand!" I thought it was going to blast out another load of fireballs when he pulled his arm up to my neck and I felt what I was sure was his wrist leash hook my pole and pull it down toward my stomach, then when it sprang back upright as it the stap slid off its end. "Clay, you have to be at Mrs Coreday's in half-an-hour, have you made your bed?" Mom's voice echoed from the stairwell. "Clayton?" she barked a few seconds later. "I'm making it now Mom!" my survival instinct answered for me. Without realizing it I pushed my facebow between Peter's lips and gave him a quick, open mouthed kiss. Somehow I managed to struggle to my feet, and even convince my still rock hard boyhood to allow itself to be locked back into my tight cutoffs without bursting the buttons. Despite teen porn lesbo us being chained together by his wrist leash we made short work of straightening my bed covers. "Let's write Rupert! And Ron!" he suggested, almost dislocating my shoulder teens and gay issues as he dragged me back to my computer. 'Yeah!' my groin responded as he guided me into my chair and climbed into my lap. I teen porn dictionary have no idea what 'I', or we, wrote in our message. By the time my brain began to function and I forced myself to believe that we were actually writing to not only cartoon teen titan porn a real live boy wizard that really lived at Hogwarts, but one of my all time heros, with another really cute wizard sitting on my lap in my bedroom the feel of his tight little butt cheeks rubbing against my groin. The feel of his leash softly rubbing against my outer thigh as he typed and used the mouse took over and kept my eyes from focusing. I didn't realize I had reached inside his shirt and cupped his flat little tummy with one hand, and cupped his inner thigh with the other until he let out another little giggle and squirmed in my lap. My boyhood throbbed so hard I was sure it would bounce him off the ceiling. I started to pull my hands kiddy teen porn back, but before I could he reached down, grabbed my hand and pulled it more tightly around his waist. He used my end of his leash to guide my other hand back between his thighs and whispered, "Can I tell Rupert I'm going to be your boy?" I tried to answer, or ask him what he meant, but the feel of his tight, lathe body and the subtle vibration of his leash teen xxx porn pictures rubbing over my outer thigh as he reached back up to the keyboard completely distracted me again. 'Wow, is all this really real?' I asked myself as I tried to focus my eyes. A few minutes later when we told my mom we were going to Peter's for the great read in I shuttered when she called us back. 'What now old lady, you better not embarrass me.' I groaned. 'No! No youngest looking teen porn you better not, please don't walk us over there!' I prayed as she put her a hand on each of our shoulder and guided us onto the porch. "Clay, I just wanted to tell you this is the happiest I've seen you in a very long time." she said, pulling us against her hips. "The satisfied, excited look on sugar teen porn your face when you came downstairs was priceless." made my stomach tighten. 'Hey lady... Oh shit, does she know, did she hear us?' knotted in my throat. I was trying to think of something to say when she kissed the top of my head and continued, "You boys go enjoy yourself." We were almost to the street before Peter let out a soft chuckle. "Did your boy satisfy you?" he giggled. I started to wrap my arm behind his back and pull him against me, but noticed his mother waiting for us on their front porch. "Thank you for arriving promptly." she bubbled as she reached down and grasp the strap leashing us together and led us inside and to teen porn picsnet the hall closet. I somehow felt a little disappointed when she slipped the handle off my wrist, fetched her key and removed the leash from Peter's wrist. 'Oh well, she's chilling some.' I decided when she hung the wrist leash on the door. I was totally unprepared for what she did next, she reached inside the closet and pulled out a nylon harness like the one I was locked in yesterday. "But, please Mummy." Peter whined. My mouth fell agape when he continued, "Please Mummy, may I be put teen porn pree into my new reins?" I started to pinch myself to teen amater porn see if I was having a nightmare when she reached back into the closet, and his face brightened into a wide smile. He eagerly held his arms out while she slipped the set of heavy leather straps onto his thin arms. xxx porn teen magazines He waited patiently as she slipped the harness gay porn teen shaving onto his shoulders, turned around and put his arms out the his sides while she snapped the buckles shut. "Please put your arms out in front of you Clayton." she told me. I started nude college teens to protest, to teen porn galleriers say I wanted to go home, or call my mom, or the police or someone, but Peter's beautiful face, and worried expression made me comply with her request. "May we please read together Mummy?" he whimpered in a soft voice as she locked me into a harness. "May we take turns reading aloud, please?" "You may, if you promise not to be distracted." she answered as she grasped the back of our harnesses and led us down the hall. I couldn't help but gasp when she pulled gently on my harness to steer us into their study, and its straps rubbed over my nipples through my fishnet shirt. Peter rushed ahead, and pushed two chairs right next to each other in front of the table as she guided me behind. "I've sat out your night brace for you Peter." she called behind him. "Thank you Mummy." he smiled at me as he plugged his facebow into his teeth. "I've chosen a work that will help Peter learn about American culture." his mother announced as she ushered me into one of the chairs. 'No, oh no this has to be a bad dream!' I silently groaned when I saw the book sitting on the table in front of us. 'No, little kids read that! That's for babies, for sixth graders!' I groaned. "Please clip yourself in." Mrs Coreday told trixie teen porn videos her son. My mouth fell agape and I let out a loud gasp as I watched my friend and learned what the short straps handing from the sides of the chairs were for. Peter snapped one onto the metal 'D' rings on each side of his harness. I felt a surge of panic when I felt a slight tug on one side, then the other of my harness and realized his mother had just locked me into my chair. I was sure I was going to freak out as I squirmed in my teen lesbian anal seat and realized we were indeed strapped into our chairs; I could twist side to side, even lean forward somewhat, but since my legs were too short to reach the floor I was a helpless prisoner in the heavy wooden chair. "The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin. teen flowers porn tgp By Mark Twain." Peter's sweet voice and beautiful accent distracted me. By the time he finished reading the second paragraph of the text I was so tantalized by his recitation, and the sight of his lipstick red lips wrapping around his headgear as he spoke that I all but forgot about my hated harness, that I was chained in place like a prisoner he was turning what I had always thought of as one of the corniest books I had ever been forced to read into the best poetry I had ever heard. I was sure I had died and gone to Heaven when I twisted in my chair to get a better view of his wonderful face and lips and my harness, rubbing over my now free pictures teen porn rock hard nipples, sent a wave of heat into my stomach, then groin. I was so absorbed with his reading it took me a second to snap that he had stopped, and pushed the book in front of me. teen sex gay "Please, don't stop?" I begged with the little air I managed to push out of my lungs. I felt my eyes start to roll back in my head when he pushed his facebow into my ear and whispered, "You must read the next page, my mum might be listening." "Please, I love your voice." he whispered an instant later. When I felt his tongue push into my ear, and his hand cup my inner thigh and rub against my little nuts I wondered if Mrs Coreday hadn't done me a favor strapping me in my chair, hollywood stars sex,porn teen the straps were the only thing that kept the rocket hot surge of heat that flashed through my entire lower body from launching me into orbit. Somehow I managed to stammer through the next page, even with Peter's continued groping. By the time we finished the first chapter my hand had involuntarily moved into his groin, pink teen pussy and I really regretted wearing my tight cutoffs today. Not only was my white-hot, rock hard boyhood stressing their steel buttons and trying to melt them, but my usually tiny little nuts felt like a pair of grapefruits crammed inside my tight shorts. I managed to stutter through the several times it was my turn to read for teen extreme porn the next while, although I'm still not sure how. Peter's wonderful voice and beautiful lips had me hypnotized as much as prea teen porn his thin fingers had charmed the stiff snake between my legs as he began to read a few minutes later, until he abruptly pulled his hand away from the crotch of my shorts, pushing mine out of his at the same time. "Hi Mummy!" sent a shiver down my spine. "Please continue, I'm just about to check for messages." Mrs Coreday answered. "You have a wonderful voice, but you should read aloud more!" she bubbled as she cupped my neck, then walked over to their computer. I almost cried out loud when Peter continued reading and my nuts, begging for attention, seemed to swell to the size of watermelons inside the acorn size space my cutoffs offered, but somehow managed to take a breath and turn back to my friend. "Peter, you've a message teen pussy lips from Rupert, and another from Daniel!" she announced a minute or so later , just as he slid the book over to me. "I've also a large file to print out, would you boys mind halting your reading a little early, teen girls having sex and view your messages before I begin?" I was still trying to figure out what she had asked when Peter cried, "No Mummy we will! I mean we don't mind at all, if we may Mummy!" I sat motionless, hoping she didn't notice the bulge in my cutoffs and trying to ignore my harness arousing my nipples a minute or so as she used her key to release the straps gay teens free locking me in my chair, then Peter's. After I followed Peter's lead and climbed out my chair I managed to keep my back to his mother as we went to the computer. "Ace!" he screeched a few seconds after he opened his first message. "Look, Rupert and Daniel both wrote you!" he proclaimed, grabbing the front of my harness and pulling me toward his monitor. "Ron, and Harry!" he added as he pulled my back against his chest." "Harry?" I managed to stammer. "Harry Potter!" he hooted. "Harry Potter sent you an e-mail!" "It is indeed rare Harry Potter writes Muggles." his mother chuckled. "We must go read it, straight away!" "Clayton may go, but I'm afraid I haven't time the to take you right now." she replied hardcore teen porn galleries before either of us could say anymore. "I've just received a chapter that I must print and edit." "But Mummy!" Peter cried. He turned to face his mother and sniffled a couple of times, then whined, "Please Mummy, Clay can walk me, you allowed him to this morning." he wiped some tears from his cheek with the back of his hand then whimpered, "Please Mummy, I'll behave, and do everything Clayton says! And, and you allowed Roger to take me places!" His sad face and welling eyes were too much and I turned and pulled him against me by his thin waist. "Please Mum?" My face flashed as hot as my groin had earlier as I realized what I had said. "Uh, I mean Ma'am, Ma'am. And, and I... I will make sure he's okay and stuff." I didn't realize how tightly I was hugging my new friend until she grasp the front of both our of harnesses and drew us to her. I felt like I was under a microscope as she studied our faces for what seemed like forever. "Will you promise?" she asked her son. "I promise Mummy!" he teens nude free whimpered, I fought off the urge to wipe his tear stained face for him. "Clayton, Peter is in a strange land, and if he became lost, he would not know what to do. Will you promise to keep him with you, and take care of him?" "Yes Ma'am I promise!" I hooted. I felt like I was going to die a thousand times as I felt her eyes site porn teen sex drill teen latino girl porn into my brain. I was sure all was lost as she turned away for an instant, then turned back and gave us a weak grin. "Very well, but you must have lunch. Wait while I begin my printout and I will make you some sarnies." she more quality teen porn mumbled than said. "But, Mummy..." Peter began. "We can eat lunch at my house!" I cut him off. "I don't think we have any... Sarnies, but my mum, uh mom makes me make my own sandwiches a lot." 'Good show fool!' thought. "I - I mean lets me, and they're good!" Both of their faces told me I had said something I shouldn't have, but her warm smile gave me a slim hope of survival. "You may go with your friend." she told Peter. He pushed against her and threw his arms around her neck, pushing his facebow into her cheek. 'Gulp!' I thought when she gave me an almost threatening grin and kissed her son. "Very well, hurry." she told him in a soft voice. Peter bolted out of her grasp and darted to the hallway door. I was still trying to figure out what was going on when he turned back to me, flashed me one of his almost evil little grins, gave me a quick thumbs up, and bolted away. I started to follow him, but a tug on the back of my harness stopped me. I felt my stomach tighten as she turned me back to face her. "You are a wonderful lad, thank you for befriending my Peter." she smiled. "However," made my abdomen tighten into a huge knot. "Please refrain from serving him any more of that, cold tea, your mother called it iced tea. We prefer proper tea." I was trying to figure out what on earth she was talking about when she kissed the end of my nose and straightened back to a standing position. "You are a most wonderful boy." she told me as she led me into the hall, and to their hall closet. 'Yes, she's going to let me out of this thing!' I thought. I felt my mouth start to water a second later when Peter bound down the stairs, he was back in his skintight leather shorts, those two thick silver zippers reflecting as brightly as his facebow and wide grin. I was admiring his bright, happy face an instant later when it melted into a frightened frown. "No, please Mummy, we don't need a coupler!" he cried. My mouth dropped open when I followed his gaze and saw his mother holding not only a leather leash, but the short nylon strap she had used to lock us together yesterday. "Please Mummy! Clay can hold my reins, please?" Time seemed to stand still as she studied each of our faces. After what seemed like an eternity she signed. "Very well, but I want you to use a safety rien, and I am relying on you Clayton." she said as she turned and reached back into the closet. "But, Clayton is free teen panties porn completely responsible for your behavior." she said as she pulled another leash out off the closet door. I felt the weight of the world lift from my shoulders when she turned her son around and clipped a leash on his harness, then slipped the best teen porn star other end of it over my hand. That was short lived, just until I noticed that the leash didn't have a loop handle, but instead a padded cuff that she tightened around my wrist. I felt a ting of excitement when she turned me around, sure that she was going to remove my fetters but that didn't last long either. "I'm sending this along, in case your mother finds need of it." she said. I felt two gentle tugs on my harness an instant later. "And I'll walk you across, I want to give your mother something." An instant later I felt what I was sure was a leash land teen tiants porn on my buns as she disappeared down the hall. "You don't think your mum will couple us, do you?" Peter whined. "What do you mean?" "The coupling strap she put on your reins." he exclaimed. My throat tightened as I digested what he had said. "No way!" I proclaimed, hoping I teen porn model 7 was right. He moved closer to me, and when I felt his hand brush against my hip, and his leash rub between our outer thighs I added, "You're mine now, remember?" before I realized it. His mother reappeared before he could answer and slipped my leash onto his wrist as she ushered us to the front door. As we walked across the yard at first I was a little mad she hadn't taken my harness off, and that I was back on jap teen porn a leash. But as the harness began gently massaging my nipples, and the strap bouncing off one,then the other of my buns, along with the feel of Peter's leash rubbing on my thigh as we walked soon quelled my anger. By the time we reached the street I felt my groin, then stomach developing a warm feeling again. Mom's face made me wish I was dead when she met us in the front room of our house. Her face tightened slightly, but her eyes lighted up such that I expected them to break into laughter as they slowly surveyed my restraints. I barely noticed a forced teen sex pictures few tugs on the back of my harness as I waited to free teen porn wids die from embarrassment. "Go check Clayton's mail, I want to speak with Mrs. O'Riley briefly. And remember your promises to me." Peter's mother rang into my ears. "Yes Mummy." Peter's sweet voice answered for both of us. I diverted my eyes away from my mother as I followed him pandas teen porn toward the stairs. "Yes, am I your boy now?" he giggled as he pushed is thin body against mine, forcing my arm behind his back. I felt my boyhood push against my the buttons of my cutoffs when I automatically reached behind his back and rested my hand or his hip, then felt a flash of heat through my body as it slipped up under his tight tee-shirt against his soft warm skin. "Yeah." I groaned as we entered my room. Without realizing I had I slid my hand further up under his shirt and pushed my thumb under the leather harness strap encircling the bottom of his rib cage before adding, "If you're my boy, you got to do everything I say." "Everything." he whispered in a voice so sexy that it made suzis teen porn my tool throb so hard I knew it was going to burst out of my cutoffs between the buttons. I thought the fire inside it would surely set my shorts on fire when I felt his hand in the small of my teen girls boobs back, and a couple of his fingers slip inside my waistband. "Do you think your mum knows we were being naughty?" he asked in a soft voice. "I think she was looking at our stiffies." "I didn't have a stiffie! Did I?" I exclaimed. "You still do!" he giggled. My boyhood throbbed so hard wired teen girls porn I was sure I heard some of the tread holding my cutoffs together when he reached over and grabbed it through my shorts. "What would your mum do if she found out you wank now?" his evil little grin thailand teen porn stars made my mouth water, I guess to cool the fire rushing through my entire lower body. It took me a few seconds to recover from his hand before lesbian teen sex porn I could think rationally. "Mom cant know nothing about wanking, she's never been to England or nothing." I informed him. His soft little giggle was too much for me, and I grasp the side of his harness and turned him to face me, pulling his chest and stomach against mine. I felt the fire inside my abdomen go atomic as he squirmed his crotch into my groin and his harness rubbed against mine. "Bloody brace!" he groaned as our facebows collided. After a couple of tries we somehow managed to move out bulky appliances around enough that our lips met, and I felt like my breath had been taken away as his facebow pushed into my gums above my front teeth and our tongues met. His leather shorts groaned almost as loudly as I did as I grasped his firm round buns with both hands and pulled him into my crotch, and throbbing tool. It felt like someone was pumping superheated air in to inflate my nuts like a pair of balloons an instant later when he pushed a couple of fingers inside the back of my shorts, and he began exploring my mouth with his tongue. "You got to finish teaching me to wank." I gasped an eternity later after we broke our kiss. "But I'm your boy now, I should wank you instead!" He pushed his facebow against my ear and whispered, "I know of a better way too you certainly will love!" before he stuck his tongue in my ear. I was sure I had died and gone to heaven when I felt his hand push between our bodies and release my belt buckle. He only had to undo the top button of my cutoffs before my rock hard, red hot boyhood sprang the other buttons open as it leapt out of its prison with so much force I was sure it was going to knock him over. I'm not sure if it pushed him away or if he moved away from me a few inches before he started to drop to his knees. Somehow the handle of his leash locked chunky teen porn free around nasty teen porn pics my wrist got hung up on his harness, and he struggled back to his feet. After a little squirming we got it free and he dropped onto his knees, his face level with my pole. "Clay, Peter, I'm making you guys some sandwiches," Mom's voice echoed from the stairwell. "Please finish up what you are doing and come downstairs. Five minutes." "Bloody teen titan porn free hell!" Peter groaned under his breath. He looked up at me for a second, then called out, "Yes Ma'am!" My boyhood throbbed so hard I was sure I had broken his jaw when he planted a kiss on its tip before struggling back to his feet. "We must view Daniel's message, in case your mum inquires." he whined. I was sure I had entered heaven when he guided me over to my computer chair, ushered me to sit down, and squirmed into my lap, the soft, tightly stretched leather covering his wonderful little butt rubbing against my exposed shaft. I couldn't get my hands, really my body to move, but somehow managed to move enough air over my lungs to give him my password. Again, even though it was the most important message I had received in my life, I had no idea what was in the message from Harry Potter, or my other in my email. I remember one of my hands teen lesbian clips ending up cupping his inner thigh while the other found its way to his harness straps. He asked me something about if he could tell Hogwarts that he was my boy now, but have no idea how I answered. Mom's voice made me jerk slightly when she called upstairs, telling us it was time to eat and 'asking' us to come downstairs, but I couldn't bring myself to answer. "Clayton Francis, did I call you?" she barked soon after. "Answer her, promptly!" Peter whispered. "You must!" An instant later he hopped off my lap and called out is his sweetest voice, "He is in the loo Ma'am! We will be there promptly Ma'am!" I nine teen porn began to snap back to life as he struggled to button the fly of my shorts and led me by his leash into the upstairs bathroom, and wiped my face with a cool wet cloth. About halfway down the stairs my eyes began to focus, and the sight of my mother's face flashed me back into reality, or survival mode. "Well, you guys look, well, like you're having a good time!" Mom's bubbly voice further interrupted my teen lezbian porn euphoria. "Oh, uh, hi Mom." I managed to get out. "Clay has received an email from Daniel... from Harry Potter!" Peter announced. "Indeed, how exciting!" she smiled. From her expression it was clear she was too old, or dumb, to realized the import of such a statement. "I see you aren't too uncomfortable with reins! See, I told you look cute in them!" she teased as she teen sex archives tugged on my shoulder straps, then the belts locked around my chest. "Um, well I, well I didn't want Peter to feel uncomfortable, like you told me Mom." I tried. "Of Course Dear!" she chuckled. 'Gulp!' I thought. As I slipped my thumb out from under his harness and let japanese teens nude his shirt fall back down. I wondered how to explain all this to her. "I think my mum wants me to stay with Clay." Peter whimpered. "She said we must, Ma'am." he added, teen masturbating watching porn the little English boy in his voice taking my breath way. "And I feel safe with Clay. Ma'am." I could have sworn she glanced at our crotches for a second. "Of course Dear." she snickered. She let out another sigh and pulled us into a brief hug against her. "I made some grilled cheese, let's go eat before they get cold." she told us. I paid a lot more attention to the stack of steaming sandwiches than anything else as she ushered us into the kitchen and to our seats, until she picked up my wrist, produced a key and removed Peter's leash from my arm. "Your mother asked me to do this, to help you remember not to leave the table without being excused." she said as she wrapped the leash around the back of his chair and locked it back onto his harness. I fought off panic when she stepped behind me and said, "And, it wont hurt for you to get into that habit." The tug on my harness told me I was being locked into my seat. I took a deep breath as I tried to figure out what to do, I couldn't run away from home, at least until she unchained me. If it did what I really wanted to do, tell her off and demand this BS ended immediately, the kitchen chair I was fettered in would become Mom's equivalent of the Electric Chair, but I would suffer a much slower death then any of those poor people strapped into it before me. A nudge from my new friend's elbow, and probably the wonderful aroma of the freshly grilled sandwiches hot teen porn clips to me not to go that route, at least not until after lunch. Peter's beautiful face and smile when I glanced over at him, and his bright red lips wrapping themselves around a bite of sandwich, semi-liquid cheese squeezing out the sides of it told me not to freak. 'Well, it's for Peter, and Ron, and for Harry. Yes, my friend Harry Potter, he said I am!' I decided, and bit into a slice of grilled cheese. 'Besides, like Mom gurl teen masterbation porn said, Mrs Coreday is gonna chill and stop all this when she quits freaking about being in America.' I told myself. I was still trying to convince myself I was right and about to start on my third sandwich when Mom spoke. "Boys, Susan and I are thrilled how close you two have gotten so quickly." she began. "And, Clay, it is so wonderful to see you so happy, happier than I've indian teen porn pics seen you in years!" she beamed. 'Oh shit, did Mrs Coreday tell her about wanking?' A quick survey of her face told me not, especially after Peter told me only wizards knew how to. 'No way a wizard especially a Hogwarts Wizard, would tell a mother about it!' I realized. "I questioned her judgement when Peter's mom and I first talked about using reins on a boy his age," she continued. free teen porn films "But as I see how comfortable, how secure you feel in them, how chipper teen so young porn you are now, I think they are the best thing in the world for you, don't you Son?"Author's Note: Sorry to take so long in writing this, let teen porn on google me know what you think of it. The next chapter will be coming out as soon as I have time to work on it.To Be Continued
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